7 Character Traits Of Charismatic People by Jennifer Cohen

There’s no question that charismatic people are some of the most successful individuals out there. Professor Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK estimates charisma is 50% innate and 50% trained. They key ingredients of charisma are simple actions that, with practice, become a part of your personality and improve your interactions with everyone around you, increasing your overall satisfaction with life. Here are 7 qualities of charismatic people that you can incorporate into your life.

1. Listen Actively

When you listen, give them your undivided attention and ask questions. Do NOT check your phone more than once in a conversation – better yet, don’t check it at all!  A study by the University of Colorado found that active listening helps avoid misunderstandings and opens people up to get them to say more. Actively listening will improve communication with those around you, whether you’re working with them or living with them. People tend to remember good listeners as positive people.

2. Speak Clearly

Take your time and think about each sentence. The more you speak with unnecessary filler, the less clear you are. Especially when speaking to more than one person at once, or to a new group of people, practice your approach beforehand. Am I saying everything I need to say? Is everything I’m saying necessary? Is there a clear objective and purpose to what I am saying?

3. Smile from Within

A genuine smile from within shows on the outside:  you smile with your eyes and mouth, and it’s called the Duchenne smile. Not to say you have to walk around with a grin all the time! But when you smile on the inside, people are more receptive when you approach them.  Psychologists at the University of California at Berkley studied 141 high school senior-class photos from the 1960 yearbook of Mills College, and followed up with the same people at age 27, 43 and 52. The women with a Duchenne smile were more likely to be married and stay married than those who had a fake smile, and were more likely to experience greater sense of personal well-being. These results were found to be consistent in a 30-year follow up. Also, appearance had no correlation with life satisfaction; it all came from within. When you smile from the heart and follow up with a kind personality, you will get more and give more to the world than you ever thought possible.

Discover the remaining 4 traits at:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercohen/2012/05/01/7-character-traits-of-charismatic-people/


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