Retention and the Conductor

Why is retaining a good staff important?  Here are some answers to that:
  • Any changes that occur in the company can be made more nimbly with an experienced staff
  • Customer satisfaction can be higher
  • Results are achieved
  • Stress can be reduced
  • Cross-training occurs
Simply put, if you are fully staffed, you can more easily focus on the things that will move your department/company forward vs living in moments of crisis when someone calls in sick or during vacations, etc.  What environment do you want to live in?
You probably are a qualified, talented performer on your own.  That’s how you got to be where you are today.  You love to excel.  What if you could multiply who you are?  You can!
Think about an orchestra conductor.  This person loves music and is a musician in their own right.  They love to make music.  But put that conductor on the pedestal, give them a baton, and presto!  They work with violinists, cellists, trumpeters, drummers, oboists, etc.  All of these instruments have a critical role in making a piece of music come to life – something that audiences (customers) want to listen to.  An effective conductor cannot afford to have the French horn section missing. The performance would be lacking.
But when the full orchestra strikes that first note, something beautiful and moving happens.  One conductor creates wonderful music with the force of many.  The conductor on his/her own can’t play all of the instruments, but each musician plays their part at the right time to make the magic happen.
What kind of tune are you producing in your “orchestra”?
Strive to keep your “band” together.  Enjoy the experience of conducting your team to excellence.  Let them know that their part in the music is critical for the overall success of your department and company.  Encourage them to develop in their role.  Do your part to make them better.  Praise them for their great performance.
Retention can be a beautiful thing!

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