Communicate, then Communicate Again

If your staff is like my staff, they like to know what is going on.  Sure, my company has intranet sites where information is posted, news is found, etc.  We are even moving to a SharePoint system soon that is designed to improve communication throughout the company.  But I learned a long time ago that my staff wants to hear from ME.

Part of my staff’s responsibilities lie in generating new loan growth.  So I communicate about our goals and their progress.  I share with them ideas to try as they engage our customers.  I share the truth about our numbers.  I share the ramifications of us not hitting our numbers.  I try to inspire them to stretch and attempt something new.  I challenge them to think and to innovate.

And you know what?  They do!  I had a lengthy late evening conversation just last night after an all-employee meeting.  One of my staff members wanted to share how proud she was to work in our department and what all they have accomplished (they have done a remarkable job in the past 6 months – record-breaking!).  We talked about ways we could make small changes and tweaks to find improvements.  She was really into it.

I talked with another staff member this afternoon and he shared with me that he and 2 other team members have been meeting to come up with ways to improve their cross-sell opportunities and to remove obstacles for our customers.  I didn’t tell them to do that.  Their supervisor didn’t.  They own it and do it!

Did this just all magically happen?  No.  My staff has continually thanked me for keeping them in the know.  They have thanked me for showing them the “story behind the numbers”.  They appreciate being educated on how our business truly works and their role in making us successful.  They love understanding the purpose behind their daily job duties.

This is all communicated to them regularly by me and my management team.

I could have a team of one – me.  I’ve chosen to have a team of many who are all focused on the same goal, with similar drives and a passion to take care of our customers.  This is all done through communicating regularly with them.

Communicate via email.  Send a hand-written note of appreciation to team members who are really showing ownership.  Spend time on the floor with the team observing them, listening to them, challenging them.  Brag about your team – word gets around that you do this (and your team will love it!).

Keep your team in the know and then watch them grow!


2 thoughts on “Communicate, then Communicate Again

  1. So true, Jim! Gets you away from the us/them mentality that kills opportunity. Congrats on building a great ‘we’ team!

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