Having a good day as a manager can be somewhat easy. String together a week of good results? Doable. But what sets apart the leaders from the pack is momentum.

Build on your success continually. Don’t be satisfied with yesterday. When you surpass a goal, find something to tweak. Look at your job from a different angle. Develop customer’s eyes – see your business as they do. You will learn something!

You cannot keep momentum going on our own for your team. Get them involved! Share the numbers. Make sure they understand the numbers! Communicate your progress. Expect their input and challenge them to think.

Gravity provides the momentum for a run-a-way train roaring down a mountain side. In business, the leader provides up the momentum. Most people will eventually coast. You, the effective leader-manager, keeps the goals in sight and motivates and inspires the team to accomplish more than they can imagine.

At the beginning of a new week (day?), find ways to keep on rolling.


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