Charging Your Batteries

The daily grind…what images/feeling/thoughts pop up when you read those 3 words. Fatigue? Depression? Arg? The daily grind tends to be a reality, but it doesn’t have to rule the day. Sure, we have to get up, get ready for work, commute to work, start working, head home to activities, etc. It’s our habit. It’s our routine.

How do you charge your batteries in the midst of the daily grind? How do you not get ground up in the grind?

Renew your mind.

Try these renewing activities to live above the daily grind that will help you find new purpose and new energy:

* Read. There are so many books and articles out there that will inspire you and motivate you to improve your coaching and leadership skills. Don’t just limit yourself to business books. Read books written by great sports coaches. There are tons of transferable ideas that you can implement in your own professional life.

* Listen to music. We all have our favorite musicians. Listen to the tunes that pick you up and energize you. Expand your musical tastes. Try Pandora Radio (app) and listen to music genres that are new to you.

* Exercise. Something as simple as walking for 20-30 minutes will make a big difference. Listen to music or the radio as you’re walking. Focus on your personal goals and dreams. Visualize where you are and where you believe you can grow to. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy treating your physical body to this natural energy boost.

* Spend time with positive people. Are there people at your office that lift your spirit just by talking with them? Do you have friends/family members like this? Then spend quality time with them. Be sure to thank them (in person, in a personal note) for how they positively impact you.

* Explore. Try something new. Begin writing a blog about something you are passionate about. Learn to play a musical instrument. Learn a new language. Volunteer in your community. Always be a learner.

Sometimes you need to take a detour in your daily grind. Make the time. You’ve got it – during your lunch time, waking up a bit earlier, watch less TV, etc. This is an investment in you.

The daily grind can feel like a long road, but there are always great stops along the way. Take the time to charge your batteries.


5 thoughts on “Charging Your Batteries

  1. Such an important aspect to living a fully charged life. I have found reading and listening to leadership lessons really helps me relax and recharge. Great points.

  2. Jim, great post. I’m in a masters program on neuroleadership and there is an effect called the goldilocks effect on our brain. To perform at our peak we need to have the “just right” amount of certain neurotransmitters in our system. Your suggestions help us maintain that balance. thanks for the post

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