The Critical Link

Information and communication moves about companies.  Sometimes it’s effective.  In other companies and in other circumstances, it gets lost.  How do you make sure your team knows what’s going on?

  1. Be a conduit – If you receive information or critical communication your team needs to know, let them know!  If it’s critical information, call a brief meeting so that everyone hears the same thing and the same time from the same source (you).  If it’s not critical, send an informative email.  But let the communication flow and get to the appropriate audience.
  2. Don’t be obstacle – Don’t let key information stop with you.  If your team is responsible for improved results and yet they don’t know about something critical to their success, who is to blame?  Not them!
  3. Be open – Be known for sharing information that leads to the success of the team.  You know when you have been given proprietary information that you cannot share.  That needs to be kept secure.  But information that you have been given from a recent managers’ meeting?  Share it and let your team take that info and act on it, use it, share it, understand it.

Too often, managers keep info to themselves.  Then the manager’s boss comes along and wonders why the department is not participating in something or why they don’t know this or that or…this boss’s boss will be asking questions.

Communicate and your team will

  • be empowered to make better decisions
  • become more confident in their work
  • work more efficiently
  •  trust you more
  • have a better opportunity to succeed




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