Swing Again!

I posted this on my personal blog (www.manualliving.wordpress.com). I think it’s appropriate for managers to read as well.


I was listening to Focus on the Family the other day while driving. They were talking about Father’s Day and ways dads can positively impact their kids’ lives. One of the speakers had a great idea. Keep a journal for each of your young kids. Write down significant things they accomplished. Write down thoughts you have of them. Then, when they turn 16-18 (you choose), give them the journal. I’m starting this. Here’s a portion of what I wrote in Karsten’s (7 yrs old) this morning:

“Last night at your coach pitch game, you were the lead off batter. For the first time, you struck out. Before this game, you were batting .833. I had to leave early to go to a music rehearsal. When I said good-bye, you cried saying you were going to miss me. Later, Mom told me you didn’t play the rest of the game. We talked last night and this morning and you admitted you cried because you struck out. We talked about failing.

Always get back up. Home runs are rare. Failing isn’t.

Failing is learning. Don’t quit. Grab the bat and swing again. You’ll remember the home runs, but it’s what you learn at the strike-outs that will mold you into the man God desires you to be.

Swing again, Karsten! I am cheering you on!”


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