Fresh Perspective on Familiar Work

Perhaps you’ve been the manager in your department/store/division for years.  You know your business (so you think) inside and out.  You are very familiar with the internal processes you need to complete.  You’ve trained staff and perhaps now you have mentors training other staff members.  You’re comfortable.

But you still need to grow your part of the business.  There is a lot to be said for this type of legacy and experience.  A lot of obstacles are clearly seen and avoided or addressed and by-passed.  But is there something you might be missing that would help you grow your piece of your company’s pie?

Start looking at your team’s work as if you were brand new to the department.  If this were the case, what could you do to “get up to speed”?


  • Spend time with each team member and observe them doing their jobs.
  • Ask them the purpose behind their work.
  • How does it fit in with the other team members?
  • How does it grow revenue or reduce waste?
  • Do they know?  Ask them!
  • How does your team view the company and its mission and goals?

Get the Perspective:

  • View all processes that your team is responsible for from the customer’s perspective – both external and internal customers.
  • Maybe your team has “always done it that way”, but “that way” was no longer relevant.
  • How are daily tasks and processes making it easier for your customers to do business with your team?
  • Is your team making it easy for other departments to do business with them?  Becoming a value resource both inside and outside of your organization is critical to your personal success as well as the success of your team and company.

Review Procedures:

  • If a procedure no longer makes sense, change it.
  • If it is no longer compliant, you have to change it.

A fresh perspective cannot be gained without stepping out of your routine and viewing your work through a different lens.  By changing your perspective, you just might change your results…all for the better!

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