17 Competencies of a Leader by Lee Glass

June 25, 2012

Business Leaders

Competence is defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. As we know, there are many definitions that describes a leader. Various interpretations! Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, cultures and genders. However, the thought process is that “the stuff” that it takes to be a successful leader is relatively similar.

A study was taken by AchieveGlobal Inc into the nature of leadership and its impact in the workplace. The goals of this study was to determine leadership qualities that top executives in North America need to lead organizations.

This study consisted of 353 senior executives — 143 top managers with the actual title of or functional equivalents of CEO, COO, president or chairman as well as 210 of their direct reports.

The research revealed 17 competencies that make up the profile of a leader. These competencies may be grouped and summarized as follows:

  1. Handle emotions in yourself and others.
  2. Make decisions that solve problems.
  3. Show compassion.
  4. Support individual effort.
  5. Support team effort.
  6. Respond to identified customer needs
  7. Share information.
  8. Manage cross-functional processes.
  9. Take initiative beyond job requirements.
  10. Manage projects.
  11. Manage time and resources.
  12. Take responsibility for your own actions and those of your work group.
  13. Display technical competence.
  14. Make credible presentations.
  15. Create and describe a vision.
  16. Manage changes required to realize a vision.
  17. Display professional ethics.


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