The Purpose of Work

One of the “secrets” I have used is to help my team identify the purpose in what they are doing. One of my departments focuses on behind-the-scenes work that is the same day in and day out. It is critically important (I work for a financial institution) but it can be monotonous all the same.

I have spent a lot of time with this team in helping them keep a “face” on the work that they do. They aren’t just processing a wire transfer. They are helping one person move funds to fulfill an important need. They aren’t just processing a direct deposit. They are bringing peace of mind to a person who is expecting funds to arrive in their account on time, every time. They aren’t just providing process steps to a person who just lost their spouse. They are bringing a caring and thoughtful service to a real person during their deepest, darkest hour.

This approach has developed a strong sense of ownership in this team. They care deeply about what they do. They keep their eyes open for new efficiencies and are quick to help other team members outside their department understand what they do.

Work without purpose is work. Work with a purpose is a calling.


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