Basketball & Business Success

Here is the link to a great interview with Lin Dunn – head coach of the Indianapolis Fever of the WNBA. This Caskey resource is well worth your time to watch and listen. This is part 1 of the interview. Follow the link below to catch the rest of the interview and other great resources that Caskey has to offer.


About Caskey

Who We Are

Over two decades ago, Bill Caskey set out to build a company which focused solely on developing B2B sales and leadership teams. From the start, his number one goal has been to educate customers worldwide.

Today, our team consists of Bill Caskey, Bryan Neale, Brooke Green and Jillian Vanarsdall. We strive not only to increase your sales and improve company leadership, but to help personal and business lives thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at Caskey is quite simple. If you want to change your results, whether it be in sales of leadership, you must change your thinking. Caskey seeks to ignite this change in behavior because only then do companies get results.

Our Mission

Everything we do at Caskey is about expanding thought, inspiring change and transforming lives.

What We Do

Whether you’re someone starting a business or simply looking to improve sales and leadership in your company, we’re here to help identify your company’s problem areas and find solutions. From webinars to group training, Caskey has the resources you need to become a company they’ll remember.

Our work with leaders and sales teams is a combination of:

  1. Sales Training
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Team Alignment
  4. Executive Coaching
  5. Talent Assessment

We educate our customers in many different ways:

  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Group Sales Training
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Speeches
  • 1-2 Day Events
  • Digital Broadcast (podcasts, videos, webinars)
  • Products (physical and digital)

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