Burn the Ships


by Mark Miller

This is a great post from a solid leader. Follow the link below to read the rest.

I spent two days this week with leaders from around the country who specialize in helping organizations thrive. Although our time was focused on how to create high performance teams, we also talked about how to change the culture of an organization. Together, we compiled an impressive list of strategies and tactics.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how to make your culture a competitive advantage. That post featured four ideas: Select for Culture, Leverage Core Values, Model the Way and Attack the Gaps.

I stand by those recommendations, but what else can a leader do when a fundamental change in the culture is needed? Here are four additional ideas for your consideration.

1. Listen to learn – This is not just listening to create the impression that you are a compassionate, caring leader. Nor is it a strategy to create buy-in for what you’ll ultimately propose. It really is to learn. You may learn why things have been done the way they have, maybe you’ll learn the story behind the current culture, you will probably learn what has worked in the past and you may learn who the key influencers are in the organization.


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