Business Growth and the Art of Building Relationships


Authors: Shawn Murphy and Ted Coine

Respect all. Admire Some. Idolize none.

That is one of the most important lessons Ted Coine has ever learned. Be assured, Ted learned it through experience. As a youngster, Ted was sometimes guilty of two extremes common to the inexperienced: he did not respect all people as well as he should, and was sometimes guilty of idolizing others who he put on a pedestal.

But where Ted used to idolize strangers, he now admires friends. And one of those friends whom he has long admired is Ted Rubin. The admiration isn’t for breaking sporting records or building a business empire. It’s for how he carries himself, how he lives his life on the open pedestal we all occupy in this world gone social. Ted Rubin is on the very short list of social leaders whose example we (Ted C and Shawn) both admire and try to emulate.

So you can imagine that, when his long-awaited book with co-author Kathyrn Rose finally came out, we were first in line for a copy. Return On Relationship is so much more than a catchy title. It’s a shift in the philosophy of how business will get done in this exciting new century – of how it already is getting done, at least among a small-but-growing cadre of savvy business professionals.

Let’s explore further the important philosophical shift in how business gets done in 21st century. At the risk of oversimplifying what’s at the heart of Rubin and Rose’s book, it’s about cultivating relationships.

Read the rest here:

About the authors: Occasionally they team up to write about topics that pique their curiosities. Follow Ted on Twitter @tedcoine. Follow Shawn on Twitter @shawmu.


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