Leaders Need To Be Interrupted and Willing


by John Bossong

It takes one person. You don’t have to know everything. You just need a willingness to be humble and learn. You need one person. One willing person.

Are you willing?

How Willing

Today you will be presented with an opportunity. You will be interrupted. It may be small. It may be great. It may be insignificant. It may be significant. The significance isn’t in the size, it’s in the opportunity.

Is it an interruption or an opportunity? You get to decide. Leaders look for opportunities. The status quo sees interruptions.

Find one person you can help. One person you can serve. Find out what their problem is. Solve it. Serve their needs. Maybe it’s a customer.

Start small. Someone is waiting for you to make a difference.

It only takes one person. One person changes everything. One person treats a customer remarkable. The customer tells someone. The customer comes back. Their friends come back. Their friends come back.

Now you have Raving Fans. Raving fans market for you. Raving fans become a sales force.

Are you willing?

Clinton’s Clubhouse

Kim Milliken is willing. She’s making a difference. Her 7-year-old son, Clinton Milliken, died of cancer in January of 2012. She started Clinton’s Club in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A home where children with cancer and their families can come together for fellowship and counseling.

The home is a place where pediatric cancer patients can go for fun and fellowship. A sense of community. There is no charge for staying at the home. It’s a place where kids with cancer can just be kids.

The mission statement from their website reads:

To provide hope and support to families whose children have cancer.

One person cared. One person decided to lead. No manual. Just a willingness to make a difference. A willingness to start.

Why not you?

It takes one person. Step by step. Starting small. Find one person today and lead.

Get Interrupted

Listen to other people. Open your door. Walk the floors. Interrupt people. Get interrupted. Opportunities to lead are everywhere. Interruptions are opportunities to make a difference.

– An employee needs guidance.
– A customer needs remarkable service.
– A problem (opportunity) needs to be solved.
– A future leader needs a mentor.

Interruptions are everywhere. Most will shut the door. Turn the phone on mute. Hide. If you aren’t willing to be interrupted, you can’t lead. Sometimes interruptions are bad. You need quiet.

Not today.

One person is waiting.

Most People

Most people will be lazy. Some will stick with it and find a way to get better. Are you willing to continue? Are you willing to risk failing, work harder, embarrass yourself and lead by doing?

Most people won’t. Most people like safe. Most people won’t teach, learn, interact and learn from others.

Be different than most people.

Are you willing?

Who can you lead today?


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