The Superhero in You


I wrote and sent out the following to my staff today. I work in a financial institution, but I think you could apply some of this to any field of work.

If you and your team are going to make a difference (in the lives of your customers, each other, vendors, etc), then you most likely will have to go beyond your routine to see your opportunities to become a “superhero”. I wrote this to start a change process on my team. I believe word-pictures are great tools to move someone to a new level.

Who was your favorite superhero when you were a kid? When you played with your friends did you act out what you saw your superhero do on TV? Did you wear that superhero costume for Halloween? Have specific superhero decorations at your birthday parties?

As adults, our superheroes change. A teacher. A coach. A parent. A soldier. A first responder. A doctor. Guess what? Everyday, you encounter people who are looking out for superheroes. Why?

 They are getting overwhelmed by debt.
 Their vehicle is dying and they need to get a better one to get them back and forth from work.
 The hours in their day run out before their tasks do.
 Their future is getting closer and closer and they are not prepared for it.
 They have a dream but don’t know how they can reach it.

This is where you come in. You are their superhero.

Superheroes do extra-ordinary things. A superhero’s life is fairly routine until they get the word that their help is needed. The red phone rings. The spotlight goes off. They hear a cry for help.
In your position, you see/hear these things all the time:
 A complaint about mounting bills…
 A comment about their “junk” car/van…
 A joke about having no time for themselves…

What do we do with these “cries for help”? Typically, we do what they’ve asked us to do, tell them to have a nice day, and we’re on to the next person “to help”.
But that’s not the superhero way… Superheroes:
 Ask one more question…
 Offer a solution (“you know we make it easy to apply for a loan here…”)…
 Make them aware of all of our time-savings solutions (OLAA, bill pay, mobile, online deposit opening, online loan apps, etc)

In 2013, we can go through the motions and hope for the best…or…
We can start acting like superheroes…

 Everyday, we can help a member meet a need…
 Everyday, we can help a member fulfill a dream…
 Everyday, we can help a member solve a problem…

That’s what superheroes do. They make a difference. They get results. They lead.


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