The Golden Platter


When does opportunity show up?

When you least expect it? Do you make it happen? Yes.

I’ve worked with new managers and upcoming leaders for years. Many times I hear “when will it be my turn to do ______?” I’ve never been able to predict when a “newbie” can get to the next level.

But what I have been able to do is this. I always encourage them to keep their eyes open for opportunities – I call them opportunities on golden platters. Those moments when you can step up, take charge, show some leadership, get results, and get noticed.

Just the other day, an up and coming leader met with me and one of my department’s managers. We shared with her she had the opportunity to fill in for another team member – a new area of challenge and learning. She was excited. I told her that this was her opportunity handed to her on the golden platter. We would provide additional training and support. What she did with it was her responsibility. She smiled and let us know she was ready (and thanked us for it).

She took off and has excelled.

What opportunity is facing you right now? You don’t think you have any opportunities? Think again…

* Is there a project team you can volunteer for? You’ll learn a lot about your company and/or a process. You’ll network with other team members. That is valuable time spent!
* Are you leading your team in results? If you are not performing in what is expected, don’t expect advancement. If you aren’t hitting your numbers, you are missing your primary opportunity. Yes, that IS your job.
* Does your company offer online learning? Take advantage of this and build your knowledge and put it into practice as soon as possible.
* Are you a trusted resource on your team, in your department or company? Helping and intentionally collaborating with others is a great opportunity to show how you align your skills, talents, spirit, and heart with your company’s culture.
* Volunteer. Be a great corporate citizen and a giver in your community.

You can make your own opportunities. You can also be prepared to step up and seize golden opportunities when they are presented.

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