The Power of Encouragement


This is simple. When you see one of your team members doing the right thing, let them know you noticed and encourage them. You don’t have to jump up on your desk and make a proclamation. Simple responses work effectively:

* Have some generic cards you can write in and place it on their desk. Be specific with your encouragement. Writing out your appreciation and encouragement shows you are going the extra step to spotlight them.
* If you don’t have cards, just jot your thoughts on a piece of paper and get it to them. (I did this just last week. A coworker of the person who received the note made a point to tell me how much that note impacted the receiver).
* Drop them an email – be careful of this. We all get overwhelmed with emails. Your encouragement may get lost in the clutter (maybe even deleted by mistake).
* Verbally tell them – in front of others. You don’t have to do an Oscar presentation. Keep it specific and heart-felt. It will impact more than just the intended audience.
* Brag about them to the CEO and then tell them that you did.
* Be sure to mention this in their annual review. Everyone likes to read good news…about themselves…again.


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