All work and no play? Mobile wipes out 8-hour workday


by Laura Petrecca, USA Today

We’ve all heard about them, perhaps received them: the work-related requests that arrive at 11 p.m. Or 5 a.m. Or during a Sunday afternoon at the beach.

Urgent e-mails demand an answer before 8 a.m. Financial budgets need a last-minute late-night review. Client proposals must be finished over the weekend.

The good news? You can do this work from afar. The bad news? You can do this work from afar.

The swelling number of workers who tote smartphones and tablets can connect to work from the car, the kitchen table, a kid’s baseball game, a remote island or 30,000 feet in the air.

The skyrocketing use of mobile devices is upending much of what we know and experience in our work lives. Just as the desktop computer made time sheets, purchase orders and other physical documents virtually obsolete, mobile-based programs and cloud computing will make working solely at one desktop computer seem as outdated as tapping away at a typewriter.

Indeed, while media, business and our greater culture are adapting to the opportunities and challenges of a digital lifestyle, users are going all mobile all the time, leaving the traditional web and the desktop world in the technological dust.

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