Focus – Key to Getting Things Done


I am currently reading the book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney, Covey, & Huling. In one of the opening chapters, they talk about the importance of focusing on wildly important goals – WIGs. They share the four rules of focus.

1. No team focuses on more than two WIGs at the same time. It is impossible to focus on everything all the time. Or as the authors said, trying to do it all is like advising people to boil the ocean.

2. The battles you choose must win the war. The only reason you fight the battle is to win the war. The sole purpose of WIGs at lower levels in the organization is to help achieve the WIGs at the higher levels. In other words, the lower-level WIGs must ensure the success of the higher WIGs.

3. Senior leaders can veto, but not dictate. Without involvement, you cannot create high levels of commitment that execution requires. Teams become more engaged in the goal that they choose themselves and that supports a worthy organizational goal.

4. All WIGs must have a finish line in the form of from X to Y by when. Every WIG at every level must contain a clearly measurable result, as well as the date by which that result must be achieved. If a goal is wildly important, surely you should be able to tell if you’ve achieved it or not. Remember, a WIG is a tactical goal with a limited time frame.

Side note on blogging: I just did this post primarily with voice to text from my iPhone. I use the WordPress app which makes it very easy to post to my blog.

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