Act Like an Owner by Jim Johnson


Are you a manager or an owner? Let me rephrase that – are you acting like a manager or an owner? Even though you may not actually own your company, acting like you do is a powerful way to positively impact your company and the results you produce.


Owners know they must innovate or soon they won’t be around. A company cannot rest on its laurels. Life moves too quickly and things are in a state of constant change. Owners know that, while tough at times, they must innovate to at least keep up let alone stay ahead of technology, people’s habits, etc. Owners ask, “what’s next?”

Hard Work

Owners simply work hard. It’s their business. If they don’t work, success doesn’t happen. They can’t sit around hoping someone else does something that might make a difference. Owners roll up their sleeves and get to it.

Problem Solving

If an issue arises, the owner knows he/she cannot ignore it. Problems need solving. A customer is usually at the other end of that problem. Solving problems leads to satisfied customers which leads to repeat business and referrals. Problem solving also leads to process improvement and newly found efficiencies.

Living Their Brand

Owners not only do the work, they live their brand. Whether in the office/shop, owners are what they are selling. They look at life through the lens of their business. They are ready to provide an answer, give some advice, ask a question, promote their business. They are good corporate citizens. They volunteer and are givers.

Protecting Their Brand

Owners are fiercely protective of their brand. It’s who they are. Their ears are tuned to other’s opinions – on the street, in the shop, on the web, and on social media. A damaged brand means loss revenue or worse.

Hire Great People

Owners can’t do it all. They know they must hire great people. Right people means people with shared passions, but not necessarily the same skills. Owners know they must hire others who are better than they are. They hire strengths where they are weak. They aren’t intimidated by this. They intentionally do this.

The Bottom Line

Owners know what generates revenue. They make sure that their team knows this, too. The work for results, plan for results, and they expect results. They strive to make processes more efficient. They look to eliminate waste. They know that they can’t hope for a better tomorrow – they are responsible and accountable for creating a better, more prosperous tomorrow.

So, are you acting like a manager or an owner? Your answer will make all the difference in your success.

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