“Git-r Done” – Results Matter

by Jim Johnson

As a manager/leader of a team, what you known for at work? What is your team known for?

* a nice group of people
* “he’s/she’s been here a long time”
* drama
* aloof
* wow

You and I both have something in common. We can, in part, control our destiny in our careers. As I wrote earlier, we can be either passengers or drivers on the journey to success. One of the main ways we can advance is by performing – getting things done.

Corporate Goals

Every company has them. They are the WIGs – the Wildly Important Goals as detailed in the “4 Disciplines of Execution”. At my company, we call them the “Measures that Matter”. They get communicated at staff meetings, all employee meetings, and on the intranet. We’re supposed to not only know them, but move them forward. These are the things that positively impact the bottom line.

If you want to succeed, make sure you and your team are doing the things that move your corporate goals in the right direction. If you have a sales goal, work to exceed that goal. If you have a service goal, do what you need to do to have your team become the poster child for service.

Hitting a corporate goal isn’t magically done. You need to discover the leading indicating behaviors that your team needs to habitually do in order to hit those big goals. If you wait until the goal results are posted, it’s too late. You need to act now to move those measures in the right direction.


Is there a process that needs improved? Get your team together and figure out a better way to do it. Have you uncovered an issue that if fixed would improve customer loyalty? Map out the improvement, sell the idea, and collaboratively solve it.

Don’t wait for someone else to come up with great ideas. Use your experience, the talent on your team, and your own unique gifts to dream, question, and experiment.

Get Involved

Project teams are always going on in companies. Get on one. Lead one. Get your team involved. be known as a go-to team. You and your team will learn so much from participating on teams.

Help Others Succeed

If your team is a support system for another team, work to find ways to make their jobs easier. Find efficiencies that will benefit them. Communicate change clearly. As Zig has said, “if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll find that you will get what you want”.


It’s so easy to get side tracked at work. Office drama. HR issues. Change.

As a leader, your job is to help your team stay focused. Focused on results. Focused on improvement. In staff meetings, in your walk-a-rounds, in your coaching sessions, in your emails, keep your team focused on success. Don’t let up. Don’t give up. Make it fun. Let your team know that you and your message of focus are not going away.

Don’t wait for something to happen at work – make it happen. Celebrate your team’s success. Recognize their efforts when they hit and exceed their goals. Constantly coach. Council as needed – don’t delay getting someone refocused.

Your positive efforts won’t go unrecognized. Results matter.

2 thoughts on ““Git-r Done” – Results Matter

  1. Motivation and action is essential in moving a company forward. Jim, thank you for the continued motivation and the shared vision of moving forward. At times we get bogged down with our on tasks and need to get back to the basics of the real meaning that we are here- our members and continued growth.

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