Slow Down and Focus Why Don’t You? by Brian Hagman


Do you know someone who always seems to have a million things going on but doesn’t really get much done or have much success? Of course you do. We all do. What we think is helping us is really only delaying our own success. Too many projects and activities going on will not allow you to become extraordinary in your craft.

I recently heard that multitasking reduces your IQ by at least 10 points at any given time. I believe it judging by some of the mistakes I have made and what little I accomplished after trying to take on too much at once. So why don’t we slow down and focus? Below are just a few things I have begun to do in order help me from becoming an unproductive busy bee.

– I try to plan my day ahead of time so I don’t just wing it.
– Write down three of my most important goals or actions for that day and don’t worry about anything else unless I have these things completed or under control.
– This is really tough for me at the moment but I am trying to take on the most difficult or dreaded tasks first. It’s uncomfortable but I save a ton of time throughout the day. I can easily chew up hours doing meaningless tasks.
– Schedule phone calls and meetings instead of playing phone tag with people. Big time waster that can make me feel busy by leaving voice mails for everyone under the sun and returning calls that I missed from leaving all those voice mails.
– Stop worrying what people think if I don’t get back to them right away. Yes, some things need attention right away but the reality is that I do not have to respond to every email in less than 4.3 seconds. I try to focus on what’s really important and what tasks are going to get me closer to my 3 or 4 most important goals for that day. Which in turn will get me closer to my goals for the month and year. Jumping from one random task to another isn’t a trait of the world-class.

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