Two Types of Salespeople by Mike Michalowicz


There are two types of salespeople:

1. The people who can sell.

2. The people who can sell themselves.

There is only one way to distinguish them: Cold, hard numbers.

The salespeople who can sell themselves are masters of cling. They likely clinged to their last job for a couple of years, until they couldn’t sell themselves any more. They are masters at explaining things away. They can always justify why their numbers won’t, can’t, and shouldn’t work. They try to show their value in the “fuzzy” numbers. The numbers don’t justify it, but they cling around as long as they can.

The salespeople who can actually sell, work for companies that cling to them. Salespeople who can sell are masters of process. They are skilled at explaining how their numbers work. Their numbers are never fuzzy. They expect more pay for more performance – no fuzz there.

Your business doesn’t need to feel warm and fuzzy. It needs revenue, so it can deliver the warm and fuzzy to your clients.

Hire salespeople who can sell. Let your competition hire the other guys.

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