End of Blog? by Jim Johnson

I may be ending this blog. Recently, I have been threatened for sharing an article I came across.

Some things that many must misunderstand about this blog:

1. I make no income from this blog. It is not monetized in any way. Never has been. I have directed many (almost 4,000 now) to the “professional” bloggers ‘ sites. I have stolen nothing.

2. My goal is to inspire. I started it to share my own experiences with others as well as to share articles and book excerpts that I felt would be helpful to other experienced and emerging leaders in their growth.

3. I want to be resourceful. I have posted the web links, author info, and have many times promoted their books, seminars, etc. I get no monetary perks from that. Good info should be shared with others.

I’ll make my decision on this blog soon. I may end this one and start something new. I’ve got an idea.

Thanks to those who have visited Go, Leader, Grow! I appreciate the comments and readers from all over the world. This has been fun and a great learning experience.

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