The Mind & Spirit of an Entrepeneur by Jim Johnson



What is it with entrepreneurs!?  Have you ever asked yourself that before?  You see folks who have built a business up and are their own bosses.  Many of us admire them while others of us think those folks are crazy!

I’ve decided to interview local entrepreneurs here in my town, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I want to learn how they became an entrepreneur and why they made this decision.  I want to learn what drives them, what scares them, what inspires them.  I want to learn how they achieve.  I want to learn how they deal with obstacles and failure.

cubicle aisle


Most of us work for and in traditional companies.  We come in daily and punch the figurative or literal time clock.  There are no entrepreneurs down a cubicle aisle, right?  Or are there?…

  •  What if managers/leaders in a traditional company began to think and act more like an entrepreneur?
  • What would that look like?
  • How would that impact their performance and bottom line?
  • How would they treat their staff differently?

I think I’m going to learn – and you’re going to learn – a lot about ourselves and much more from entrepreneurs through this process.  I’m excited about this adventure.  Please share these posts with others.  Please drop me a comment as you follow along.  I appreciate your feedback and insights.

My next post will be the interview I just had with Adam Ross on September 11, 2013.  Stay tuned!

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