The 12 Most Animated Leadership Lessons…by Doug Rice

The greatest lessons in leadership are instilled in us when we are young. It’s the stories we’re told that become the morals we live by.

Disney’s animated movies have been nurturing leaders for decades, but recently, a new giant in the animated film genre has arisen to pass on some pearls of wisdom. Here are some great leadership lessons from Dreamworks animated movies…

1. Antz: making a difference starts with being different

Antz is a story all about a worker ant named “Z” lost in the mindless mass of a conformist society. He longs to step out of his role and explore his individuality. His willingness to do so eventually ends up saving his people.

As a leader, you aren’t going to make waves until you make the conscious decision to step out of the pack and be a wave maker.

2. The Prince of Egypt: injustice cannot be ignored

Moses, raised among royalty while his people are enslaved right in front of him, runs away where he can forget about the injustices taking place. But God finds him and calls him to return to set His people free. Eventually, Moses rises to the occasion and returns to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Leaders don’t turn a blind eye to injustice. They don’t ignore it. They right wrongs.

3. Shrek: first impressions can’t be trusted

When Fiona meets Shrek, she expects him to be a “knight in shining armor” and he turns out to be a disgusting ogre. When he first meets Fiona, he sees her as a pampered, dainty princess with whom he has nothing in common. As they get to know each other, Fiona begins to see that Shrek is really kind and Shrek begins to see that Fiona burps and eats bugs. They’re not so different after all.

Leaders give people second chances. They recognize that everyone has an off-day now and then. A first impression is just one impression. It often isn’t the entire picture.

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