When you are in a leadership position you will always come across controversy or critique – it’s part of the package. The success of a leader comes in their ability to analyze the situation, review the facts and come to well informed decisions to move forward with.

Opposition : Positive Force In Leadership

Opposition in the team you lead, or are a part of, is a positive thing. This leads to innovation, greater ideas and, if resolution can be found, it also binds a team closer together. The trick and a great point of distinction for leaders is their ability to negotiate these rough waters with finesse while handling everyone with dignity and in an “up and up” way.

No leader stands alone

It is in rare privileged circumstances that a leader in the business world only has to contend with their own decisions or directives. In any organization, leaders have to work with others. When these others are within a managed team, then it is much easier to negotiate positions or make decisions, after all this is your team.

When it comes to a boardroom full of leaders, the social environment and background of the individuals come into play and although you may have a few leaders who are all on the same page and who function naturally using “best practices” – there will always be those who are in a leadership position that simply lack the true leadership qualities that make team work and deep innovation possible. Learning to identify some signs and coming up with a strategy to deal with this is an important part of leadership.

As a leader it is critical for you to seek harmony and represent the best interests of your organization at all times. Culture is about the whole, not simply the part you control or manage.

5 traits of Unhealthy Leaders to Look Out For

They make decisions based on one piece of information without seeking deeper understanding

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