9 Things Your Last Customer Forgot to Tell You by Mark Hunter


If you lead a sales team, share this article with them.

Regardless of how you felt your last sales call went, there are a few things your customer just called me about and asked me to share with you.

The customer said there’s no need to say “thanks,” but they do want you to adhere to these things the next time you come by:

1. Next time you visit me, would you please shut up and quit talking so much? You drive me nuts with all your talking. Just be glad you don’t work for me. I’d move you to a remote location immediately so I wouldn’t have to listen to you babble.

2. I couldn’t care less about how good you say you and your company are. By the way, if you’re really that good, I don’t think you would be wasting your time calling on me.

3. Your competitors happen to be people I respect. Next time you bad mouth them and what they sell, I’m going to make sure I have them on the phone so they can hear you say it directly.

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