10 of the Best Leadership Practices by Jackie Capers Brown


1. Great managers carry a vivid image of what is possible, and this vision drives him or her.
2. The only way for a great manager to serve the company is to serve the employee first.
3. Great managers are able to influence their employees to believe that their success is his or her primary goal.
4. Great managers recognize people’s improvement – no matter how small.
5. Great managers confront employees whose performance doesn’t match their ability. They don’t allow employees to languish in mediocrity.
6. Great managers don’t cling to his or her chosen route when all evidence suggests it is a dead end.
7. Great managers are inspired, stirred up by the better they envision.
8. Great managers develop their instincts to coach others toward their success.
9. Great managers face the brutal facts of a situation while summoning the faith and optimism to rally people to see and act as if they can envision the better future.
10. Great managers believe they have what it takes to overcome the challenge they will face to forge ahead and manifest their desired reality. They assume they are the one to make the better future they envision possible.

From: http://www.jackiecapersbrownblog.com/2013/11/10-best-of-best-leadership-practices-of.html?m=1

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