Why People are Against Change by Dave Kraft


To lead is to initiate change. Leaders are change agents as they rally people to a better future. Generally speaking, people don’t like change and will push back and resist any changes. Here are some excellent thoughts from one of my favorite bloggers, Ron Edmondson, on things he has learned about why people are against change!

I’ve learned in leading change that there are some common objections. If you know a change is necessary, understanding why someone is objecting may help you respond accordingly.

Here Are Five Common Reasons Why People Are Against Change:

Confused -These people just don’t understand the change. They lack information. Often they have heard misinformation. Many times, in my experience, once the change is explained, they become supportive or less opposed.

Conflicted – Some people object to change because they are objecting to life. They have past hurts they can’t resolve. They are injured. Frankly, some people can be mean. This category can be the most hurtful as a leader, but understanding them may help you avoid a lot of heartache.

These people will likely always be critics until something is addressed with them directly. Understanding their pain can often lead to helping them heal from something in their past. If the change is necessary, you may have to confront these people directly or simply learn to work around them. You can’t allow their personality or emotional injury to hold you back from what you need to do as a leader.

Care – These people simply don’t think you care. They assume, for whatever reason, the changes are being made without considering their position.

These are many times changes which appear to favor one particular group of people at the inconvenience of another. I have seen that many times including people in the decision process, acknowledging and attempting to understand their concerns, along with good vision casting can alleviate some of these concerns.

Read the rest here : http://davekraft.squarespace.com/posts/2014/1/12/why-people-are-against-change.html

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