Leadership “Reflection” by Jim Johnson


Do you lead others? Are you the head of a department? Got a team you’re responsible for? If so, you need to know this. How they perform…how they interact with others…their level of collaboration…their results…it’s all a reflection on YOU as their leader.

Unfair? No. Every leader worth their salt will tell you that this is very true. Leadership is not:

* handing down edicts to your minions
* removing yourself from any responsibility or accountability with your team or organization
* avoiding decision-making
* hoping your team “gets it”
* a title

If you have good ideas and can set a strategic agenda and direction but your team doesn’t go there, you’ll have a problem. If your team likes you and gets along, but they don’t meet or exceed their expected results, you’ll have a problem. If your team is “busy” but they don’t really accomplish anything, you’ll have a problem. If you want to blame others for your shortcomings and those of your team, you’ll have a problem.

Do you want to measure a leader’s effectiveness? Look at his/her team. It is the direct reflection on the leader’s effectiveness.

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