Are You a Leader? Think. Then Speak Up! by Greg Bustin


As the first month of the New Year comes to a close, take a moment to reflect on how you’re showing up.

You’re reading this blog because you’re a leader.

I’m a big proponent of leading with questions, and my third book, That’s A Great Question, contains more than 500 thought-provoking questions I’ve assembled over the years as a CEO, consultant and, now, Vistage Chair.

But there’s a time for questions and a time for conviction.

Thought Leadership

I recently was in a meeting of leaders when a guest speaker offered a few controversial points of view.

Imagine my surprise when there were no questions, no challenges, nothing.

The next day, one of the leaders sent an email to his colleagues taking exception with one of the speaker’s more controversial points.

The email got me thinking. If the people in the room had questions for the speaker, what kept them from being asked in the meeting? Was the room not safe? Did some leaders not wish to ask a question at the risk of appearing “dumb”?

Read the rest here:

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