The 7 Ways You’re Not Engaging Your Employees by Ryan Scott


With all the disgruntled and restless employees out there – a recent study put the percentage of employees who are not fully engaged at 75% – employee engagement is as high a concern as ever. Company leaders do somersaults to maximize the engagement of their employees and, by extension, their bottom lines. Administrators scour the landscape for tools and programs – such as volunteer and giving programs – that will increase employee engagement. And employees, well, they just want to be engaged. And if they’re not, they’ll leave. Or never join your company in the first place.

But despite the ongoing attention around employee engagement, most company leaders still can’t seem to create a culture defined by fully productive employees. Why is this?

TINYpulse, a technology solution that helps companies gather employee feedback, recently conducted a survey of more than 300 organizations, gathering responses from more than 400,000 employees. Here are the seven key takeaways that TINYpulse concluded about employee engagement today:

1. Only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values. That’s an alarmingly low number. Too many executives are not communicating and reinforcing their company’s guiding principles and mission.

And that doesn’t even factor in the company’s social mission, which is an increasingly critical component in attracting and retaining employees. Companies that clearly show how they’re giving back are going to get back, in the form of more engaged employees.

2. 82% of respondents claimed that their manager clearly outlined their role and responsibility. At the day-to-day team level, it seems that managers are able to effectively set expectations and accountability.

Read the rest here:

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