How Will You Show Up Today? by Becky Robinson


What is your leadership signature? How would those you lead describe your unique way of being in the world?

1. Start with self reflection. How would you describe your leadership signature? What mark would you like to be making as a leader? How would others describe you? Would they describe you as positive or negative? Do you see possibilities or problems? Are you focused on challenges or solutions? The words you use and your actions create your memorable presence, your leadership signature.

2. Ask for feedback. Ask those you lead what they perceive as your leadership signature. Use focused but open-ended questions, and listen with an open mind.

3. Adjust as needed. In the event that the signature you’re making as a leader is not aligned with the signature you’d like to make, consider how you might adjust your approach to create a different signature.

Every day and every encounter is an opportunity to shape our leadership signature.

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Find the book, Lead Positive, here:

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