Four Diseases That Weaken Leaders BY S. ANTHONY IANNARINO


Here are four diseases that weaken leaders and damage their ability to produce results through others.

1. Inability to Control Your Own State: If you want to prove that you have no real power, lose your temper and fly off the handle. An inability to control your own state is a sign of weakness, not power. The greater your ability to control your own state, especially when you are under pressure, the more powerful you are.

Controlling your own state makes you a more compelling, more powerful leader.

2. Inability to Exercise Patience and Tolerance: Losing your patience and demonstrating your intolerance over things that get under your skin is a sign of weakness. A leader holds people to a standard, but the real craft of leading is in how the leader upholds their standard.

Patience and tolerance when dealing with people challenges demonstrates a type of caring that makes you easy to follow.

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