As a leader, you’re paid (and praised!) for delivering results. It’s all about setting an ambitious plan and then executing it. This requires action. Modern business life is busy and there’s often a barrage of unexpected events you have to deal with. This involves more action. Do you ever have a moment to reflect, to ponder, to think? It’s all very well investing time in action, but if you’re neglecting thinking time, then you’re heading for a fall.

1. Be more effective

The world is not static. The great plans you make at the beginning of the day, week, month or year will, inevitably, need to be amended over time. However, stopping to consider the overall objective, and re-evaluating options, may lead you to an alternative approach that’s more appropriate as well as effective.

For example, imagine that at the beginning of the year you spent two weeks planning how you would launch a new service to your market. However, after three months, your closest rival launched a similar service before you. Whilst you could plough on with your existing plan, surely it would be better to stop, think about the impact of this new event, potentially revise your plan, and then pursue your new plan. You’ll be working much more effectively.

It’s also essential to make time to think in more ordinary situations. Before chairing the usual weekly meeting with the same old agenda, think about the core messages that you want to deliver and what you most want to achieve from the session. Give yourself time to be effective.

2. Improve efficiency

Explore alternative methods of working to improve your efficiency. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same things in the same way. After analysing the tasks you do most regularly, you may conclude that some of them are really non-essential ones, or that technology has developed, to allow you to achieve results far quicker than before.

3. Be alert to danger

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