6 Observations about Top Teams by Gordon Curphy

Most organizations have executive leadership teams comprised of the CEO, COO, and functional and business unit heads. The members of these 6-20 person teams are generally responsible for determining organizational strategy and structure; setting performance targets and budgets; making policy; and managing the business. Top teams often determine the fate of organizations and their unique problems merit additional comment.

1. Who is on the Team? Richard Hackman reported that only ten percent of the 120 top teams he researched had agreement on team membership. Many top teams have “loose” boundaries and are not tightly aligned.

2. Is the Top Team too Big? Because top teams tend to inclusive, most are too big to be effective. Top teams with more than ten members suffer from efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment problems.

3. Should Teams at the Top Operate as a Group or a Team? 

Read the rest here:  https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140430223551-36824143-six-observations-about-top-teams?_mSplash=1

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