Manager’s Mantra: Walk the Talk, Give Credit, Admit When You Don’t Know by Ron Thomas

“No one thought it was a great idea, especially my boss. They finally gave in because I pushed so hard. Well you know what? It was the best and most popular part of the show. Everyone raved about it, however, I am sitting here incredulous because on the call my boss took credit for it all. I can’t.”

That statement came from a Millennial I know who is beyond disgusted with her job. She loves the company but the manager wants all the credit.

I have always said that you learn more from bad managers that you do from the good ones. My response to this woman was to schedule an offline meeting, and the major point of discussion should be work-projects and ownership. At least you are drawing a line in the sand, but do not get your hopes up.


Give credit where credit is due

My view of managing people is that you must enable each of them to grow. I want people to leave a better person than when they were when they first met me. I want them to always keep in mind the positive approach to people and their development.

It is like with children you raise and how you want them to succeed and do great things with their life. That has always been my mantra. Even to this day, I get notes and calls from my former people on their accomplishments, or as they fondly say, “Ron-isms.”

The opposite of that would have been for me to hog their limelight. So, you must give credit when it’s due.

Don’t take credit for your employees’ ideas. This not only fosters resentment but also makes you seem untrustworthy, and the untrustworthy label is a brand that you want nowhere near you as a manager.

Being deemed untrustworthy is the kiss of death. So if you are new to management, learn this first step and keep in mind that if your people do not trust you, you are done. The ballgame is over.

Always looking for signals

As a manager, are you knowledgeable about YOUR job? Can YOU get the job done?

Your group always take notes at every interaction. If you come across as being a fake, they will pick it up in a heartbeat. Trustworthy bosses have the skills and experience needed to get the expected results, and if they don’t, they acquire them.

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