17 Things Every Successful Leader Says Every Day BY PETER ECONOMY


Successful leaders get that way because they have a positive attitude, and they know how to build strong and enduring relationships with their employees. Instead of becoming adversaries, they become partners with their employees–earning their respect, their trust, and their loyalty.

They don’t do this, however, by keeping their opinions to themselves. They really connect with their people–involving them, engaging them, and letting them know that they are valued and respected members of the team.

Go from being a good leader to a great leader by saying these things every successful leader says every day:

1. What do you think?

Your employees are a never-ending source of ideas, many of which you may have never thought of or considered. When you ask them what they think, you’re letting them know that you want and value their ideas.

2. I trust you.

Every employee wants to feel that he or she has earned the boss’s trust. When your employees know that you trust them, they will repay you with their good work, their loyalty, and their trust.

3. I know you can do it.

When employees know that you are confident in their abilities, their own self-confidence will increase–improving the probability that they will accomplish their goals.

4. It’s not your fault.

Sometimes problems occur and there’s nothing your employees could have done to prevent them. Be quick to recognize when these situations occur, and let your employees know you understand that they are not to blame for them.

5. I’m proud of you.

Who doesn’t like to know that his or her parents–or boss–is proud of his or her work and accomplishments? Don’t hesitate to let your employees know that you are proud of what they’ve done.

6. Please.

No employee wants to be ordered or bossed around. While you may be the boss, you can and should be polite when asking an employee to do something for you.

Read the rest here: http://www.inc.com/peter-economy/17-things-every-successful-leader-says-every-day.html

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