To Build Your Team, First Build Trust by Brad Smith


Team-building activities create close-knit, happy and productive workers who function efficiently. Engaged teams are more motivated and reliable. They are supportive of the objectives of the team and there is greater alignment through the organization.

The result is that high-functioning teams are focused on improving job performance and the organization’s competitive position because they have a stake in the company’s success. Team-building initiatives improve workplace morale and reduce employee turnover.

Team-building as a cornerstone of corporate culture

Effective team-building begins with employee allegiance to corporate values, as well as immediate team objectives. It develops a service community within the organizational culture, one dedicated to optimal performance.

Coaching and otherwise facilitating teams to this level of achievement adds value to your organization, particularly as it relates to engagement with corporate strategies and goals. The team’s goals and the company’s goals are aligned, enhancing the communication between different levels of the firm. Teams are more inclined to achieve stated objectives.

Employees’ perception of personal and team value improves, boosting their confidence in their ability to complete their responsibilities within the team. Evidence suggests efficient teams finish their work 20 percent faster, with worker-satisfaction improving by 10 percent.

In addition, team-building exercises help develop workers and have a significant impact on employee performance. 45 percent are more likely to stay with their employer, 32 percent saw improved team productivity and 82 percent are less likely to use sick days.

The enhanced attendance and corporate loyalty engendered by team building further develops a team-centric corporate culture.

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