9 Reasons Organizations Don’t Train Their Leaders by Kevin Eikenberry


There are hundreds of companies large and small that offer services to help leaders grow and get greater results, ours included. This means there is a large market or organizations that look for, secure and use these services to equip their leaders to become more effective. There are many more organizations that create and provide leadership development activities for internal use.

Yet for every organization (or department or regional office) that does value and develop their leaders, there are many more who don’t.

Today I share with you some of the reasons I have heard, and more accurately the reasons that are unspoken, as to why so many provide so little to support the development of their leaders. Taken individually, they have merit. Put together, they paint a picture of excuses – because most everyone would agree that leaders can be developed and most feel their leaders could improve, yet, many don’t take any action at all.

Here are nine reasons/excuses for this situation.

“It costs too much/isn’t in the budget.” The top of this hit parade is usually money. This reason/excuse is really two in one. The budget is an outgrowth of another item on this list (it isn’t a priority). Budgeting is really just a prioritization tool. By default, the things we do spend money on are deemed as more important than those we don’t.

Yes, I know there are seasons or situations in the life cycle of a business where funds really are tight – but that is rarely the real reason. The “costs too much” cousin isn’t always about money alone either; it is often more about the next item on the list. . .

“Leadership training doesn’t work.” Lots of people have gone to leadership training or sent people to leadership training and seen few (if any) results or results that were far too temporary in nature. The training could well be part of the problem, but is seldom all of it. If we want to develop leaders, we must do more than training, and training is part of what is required. The fact is leadership training (or any training for that matter) won’t work alone – the participant must work too.

“Our leaders are doing ok.”

– See more at: http://blog.kevineikenberry.com/leadership-supervisory-skills/9-reasons-organizations-dont-train-leaders/#sthash.DXkOTu9N.dpuf

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