Make Your Personal Brand Shine With Strong Communication Skills  by Beth Kuhel

Having strong communication skills is crucial. One needs to know when it’s important to listen and when its necessary to respond. There are many subtleties in communication that can influence others; the best communicators strengthen their personal brand using speech and silence to influence others’ opinion of them. They intuitively know “when silence is golden” and how to “read between the lines”. They have strong emotional intelligence, and choose the right words and use them at the right time.

Use communication skills to get hired

Successful job candidates-the ones who get hired, do two things better than anyone else: They send the “right” messages and deliver them more powerfully! Even before the candidate walks in the door, they have already sent messages about themselves with their resumes.

Once you walk in the door, you need to be prepared to answer the key question: ”Why should they hire you?” All other messages must support, defend and compliment this main message. Most candidates don’t realize how crucial it is to develop their communication skills to succeed.

Learn communication skills from great sales people

Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, author of the bestseller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, gets more specific about how exactly to persuade and influence customers to buy without explicitly selling to them. These principles apply in asking for a recommendation, or in for an interview or a promotion. Here are two examples of tactics that you could use when trying to be persuasive. Both of these tactics involve both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Make yourself likeable to your employer

Customers are far more likely to say yes if they know and like the person who’s selling to them. That’s why so many TV commercials use celebrity spokespeople, because consumers like and “know” them.

The true key to being likable is to be genuinely interested in the other person. When you show sincere interest and concern for the other person, it makes you more likeable. Inquiring about the other person, celebrating her successes and taking interest in her challenges shows empathy for the other person. Being a good listener isn’t only about being quiet. It’s about hearing the other person’s perspective and reflecting on it so you can show empathy or offer help if necessary. The candidates who are considered “top talent” are ones who are keenly attuned to their hiring managers needs. A part of their attunement comes from being a good listener. The best employees listen carefully to catch their bosses’ pain points. They focus their thoughts on finding solutions to challenging problems and they do it without prodding, and faster and better than others.

Make yourself likeable to your employees

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