How to Have the Best One-on-One Meetings by John Devolle


Meetings can be a major time-suck and a massive waste of resources. But done right, regular one-on-one meetings between an employee and manager can make the difference between dysfunction and success.

On the Popforms blog, Kate Stull shares ten solid tips for having amazing one-on-one meetings, including:

Let the employee create the agenda and run the meeting. You don’t know what your employee needs or wants to talk about most, because you can’t read their mind. Which is why you shouldn’t be setting the meeting agenda for your 1:1s; they should. . .

Ask, don’t tell. A good 1:1 is an opportunity for your employee to get value from you, but that doesn’t mean you should do all the talking. Instead, you should be listening 90% of the time. Use questions to push the conversation along, and to help your employee find their own answers. Listening is a powerful tool for empowering people; when you listen, you show respect to your team, which builds trust. . .

Read the rest here:

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