Use Your Resources & Courageously Act by Jim Johnson

About 2 years ago, my washing machine stopped working. I got online and learned how to fix it. The part I had to replace cost $35. I had never done that before.


Today, I’m replacing my dryer’s heating coil.   I’ve never done this before. I used online resources. The part will cost $30-50. 

In 1985, I conducted 500+ musicians at the Long Beach Arena (California).  I have no formal music training. I had great musical mentors and applied what I learned from them.


In 1998, I was unemployed.  By 2003, I became a Vice President at my credit union. I learned.  I questioned. I applied. I experimented.  I changed.


Don’t be afraid to try something new. You are capable of far more than you can image.


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