Ten Things that don’t Matter Much – One that Does by Dan Rockwell

10 things that don’t matter much:

1. Sitting at your desk.
2. Past success.
3. All the good reasons things can’t be done.
4. Outdoing others.
5. Pretending you have it all together.
6. Good intentions apart from action.
7. Remembering offenses and failures.
8. Excuses.
9. Good intentions apart from action.
10. Remembering offenses and failures.


Isolated leaders create status with distance, secrecy, and title.

Isolated leadership is arrogant leadership.

Leadership is influence.

Influence requires connection.

Connected leaders build relationships.

Influence grows when connections grow.

Respect eliminates the need for position and title.

10 ways to connect and succeed:

1. Make a daily appointment with MBWA. Manage by wandering around. Isolation causes arrogance. Connection requires humility.

2. View interruptions as opportunities. If your day consists of constant interruptions then use them to connect. Maximize interruptions by quickly getting to, “What’s the next step?”

3. Solve problems in positive ways. Talk about the reason you’re solving problems, while solving problems.

4. Explore off-putting behaviors. 

Read  the  rest  here:  https://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/ten-things-that-dont-matter-much-one-that-does/

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