What I’ve Learned By Moving My Office by Jim Johnson

About 9 months ago, the manager of my call center resigned. Since that team is under my jurisdiction, I assumed the direct leadership of this team until I could hire a new manager.  After I found the new manager, I stayed on this floor. Prior to all of this, my office was in the VP row in the other building  on our corporate  campus. 

I asked our facility guy to find a small table for me to use. I created a mobile workstation that allows me to work anywhere  on the floor where my entire team us housed. I’ve moved  to 3 different locations in 9 months. My team calls my desk “Jim’s RV”.

Here’s  what I’ve learned so far by making this move:

1.  I really enjoy working around my team. They’re funny and upbeat.

2.  My team is really good at what they do. They’re not perfect. But they know their stuff and are highly dedicated  to our business. 

3.  I hear things I never would hear by working  in a different building.  Some good. Some not so good. I’ve stopped misconceptions in their tracks. I’ve stopped gossip. I’ve clarified the mission we’re  all on.

4.  I’ve learned a lot. I’m back in the weeds a bit. Our  technology  has evolved a lot.  I’m catching up.

5.  I’ve modeled customer service. My team needs to see and hear me do this. 

6.  I’ve caught folks in the act of doing great things and immediately  recognized them for their results.

7.  I’ve had hundreds of questions asked that I don’t think would have come to me due to “out of  sight, out of mind.”

8.  It’s a good thing for all of my staff to see me, hear me as a real person  and not just a title.

9.  I have been able to hold them accountable to our standards.

10.  I am more energized coming in to work. I love my staff.

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