Follow Through by Jim Johnson


A healthy habit of any leader is the ability to follow through.  Follow through on: 

– exceeding expectations
– getting results through their team
– developing their staff 
– returning emails & calls in a timely manner

Whether you like it or not, others are watching you. They observe your work ethic, your attitude, your sense of humor (or lack of it), and they know when you’ve followed through on something…or not.

I’ve encountered many folks who strongly desired to be a leader, but their ability to follow through was horrible. They talked a good game. They appeared to have  it altogether.  But as a friend of mine once said, “They’ve got the easy part done – the talkin’.”

As a leader, be sure your actions match your words. You gain so much by doing this:  respect. 

By all means, be known as a strong leader who gets things done.  Your personal  power and success comes when your actions support your reputation.

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