Act Like You Own the Business by Jim Johnson

You are a manager of a department/line of business.  You know and understand the work you produce.  You are pretty good at what you do. 

So how do you “ramp it up” to see improved results?  Act like you own the business.

It is so easy to go through the motions, isn’t it?  We get into our routines.  We pull and read reports.  We meet with our staff.  We attend meeting after meeting after meeting. 

But what if you approached your work as though you were the business owner?  What might change for the better?

1.  You will be far more aware of the cost of doing business.  You will look for and eliminate inefficiencies.  You will look for and execute efficiencies.  You will be aware of what might seem to some to be small expenses but that can add up over the course of time.  Act as those what you and your department spend is your money. 

2.  You will be far more aware of your brand.  Every department in every company impacts that company’s brand.  Your staff, even if they are not customer-facing, impacts those co-workers who are.  Know your company’s vision and insure your team embodies it.  Talk about it.  Coach it.  Document it in employee reviews.  Champion it.

3.  You will be far more aware of your culture.  What you allow on your team will define your team.  If your team is allowed to come in late, work at a slow pace, gossip, become self-centered, etc., then your culture will be defined as such.  You can be a control freak in elevating what you want and eliminate what you don’t want.  Work for a culture of excellence where others want to work for you.  And remember, your team’s culture will impact your company’s brand.

4.  You will be far more aware of the purpose of work.  Does your team know why they do what they do?  Do they understand the part they play in the company’s success?  Do they know how to provide added value in their interactions with other staff and customers?  Business owners know this.

What thoughts/ideas do you have on this? Share your comments below.  I would love to read them as would others from around the world who visit this blog. 

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