How Your Employees Are Like An Investment by Cameron Morrissey

“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.” ~J. Paul Getty

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” ~Harvey S. Firestone


One of the soundest investments you can make as a leader is in your team. It’s like paying into your organizations retirement account. You do it not for what you get in the short term, you do it for what you will get in the long term. The reason is that the time spent improving your team’s skillsets, improving the tools they use, and improving their overall outlook pays dividends for days, weeks, months and years down the road. That hour or two you spent training them could reap hundreds or thousands of hours in productivity over time. That’s why the greatest of leaders are constantly in the trenches with their team, because that’s where the best investment occurs. So what are the areas you should be looking to invest in with your team?

Time: As Albert Schweitzer said “Example isn’t the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” You can’t set the example by sitting in your office with the door closed, you have to spend time with your team so they can see you work. That’s one of the most powerful aspects of the “open concept” office is that everyone sees how leadership behaves. Spend time in the break room with your team, spend time on the sales or manufacturing floor, and spend time talking to them one on one. Any good investment requires you to spend time researching, and your team requires the same investment in time.

Training: One of the most neglected areas in most organizations is ongoing employee development.

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