Keeping Your Performers Performing by Jim Johnson

You’ve got a peak performer.  They get “it” done every day.  They are consistent producers.  You wish you had many more of them.

In many office environments, these people attract negative energy from others.  Others who seem to work overtime to:

* Find faults in others
* Gossip\Lie about the strong performers
* Align with company “power brokers” in order to hide behind these relationships (their goal is to fraudulently appear to have found favor with the powers-that-be)

Why do they do this?  There are plenty of psychological and sociological reasons. But this is not my point here.

These energy-drainers can cause enough drama at times to negatively impact your peak performers.  You, as the leader, will need to be aware when it is happening and step in to bring perspective.

If your producers are wilting, try this:

1.  Get them focused on the real work at hand.  Remind them that any thing that takes their eyes off the goal is wasted energy.

2.  Remind them of their results.  Praise them for what they have accomplished in the past and what they’ll conquer in the future.  The “negative Nelly or Ned” is more than likely jealous of great results.  They work hard to bring others down to their level.

3.  Help them to remember that they can only control what they have the power to control.  Themselves and their results.

4. Remind them of your team’s standards.  Living to the lowest common denominator is not the formula for success.

5.  Be their advocate.  If you need to, confront those who choose to be hurtful rather than helpful.  Do your part as a leader to protect your company’s culture.  Your team member will appreciate this. You will build loyalty by doing this.

Keep the momentum chugging along with your producers.  If the negative people are on your team, do not ignore them or their behaviors or attitudes.  This will equate to acceptance in the eyes of your team.

If the negative people are in a different department, you may need to go to that leader and collaborate with them on a plan of action.  Your company doesn’t need an energy drain anywhere.

Be grateful for producers.  Your job as a leader to help keep obstacles out of their way and to encourage their growth and development.  They will love you for it.



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